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Message from Candidate Denise Hurst 

Tuesday, September 1st, is just days away. For those who did not vote by mail or exercise early voting, you still have the opportunity to exercise your right to VOTE! Polls will open up on Tuesday morning at 7a.m. and close at 8p.m. Be sure to have a VOTE PLAN; know what time you are going to VOTE, where you VOTE and most importantly who you are voting for. If you are reading this, it is my hope that I have your support or you are at the very least considering me.

I encourage you to browse the site, our social media platforms, or reach out to me directly. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and share more about myself and my candidacy. You can reach me via email at hurst4rep@gmail.com or call my cell, 413-330-1030. I believe it is important to be available and accessible to the residents of the district. I give you my word that if fortunate enough to be elected I will continue that committment.  

Visit our “VOTE” page for more information and to PLEDGE TO VOTE for HURST on September 1st.


Denise Hurst







Continue to stay informed...

As the Commonwealth moves ahead to reopen, I encourage you to proceed at your own comfort level and make certain you adhere to the guidelines put forth for your safety.

Please continue to utilize the available resources to ensure you are informed with the most up to date information. 

Reopening Massachusetts                      413 Cares

City of Springfield                                     City of Chicopee             


“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”  ~James Baldwin

As a campaign, we are working on how we can educate and recommend policy changes addressing racial inequities. As your next State Representative, I will work tirelessly with colleagues in all levels of government to implement sustainable social justice and police reform, to ensure the implementation of anti-racist policies and practices. 

Please find below resources to assist you and your family during these crises.

Read Denise's Full Statement

National Conference for Community and Justice                               A Detailed List of Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resource for Kids                                                             Healing Racism Institute of Pioneer Valley



Why I am running to be your next State Representative 

For some time now, I have been thinking about how I could have a greater impact and expand my work for positive change. I understand firsthand how important it is to have sound, effective and equitable policies.

I have the desire, interest and skill of being a good listener. I have the personal and professional experiences to be a good advocate and fight for our welfare and I am invested personally in improving our quality of life, especially for our future generation, which includes my two sons.

Thank You in advance for your partnership, encouragement and generous support. It will be my honor to represent you and our community!






Vote on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 

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Denise Hurst for State Representative
9th Hampden District

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